I was going to Moscow to attend an important corporate event. It was not allowed to appear on it alone. So, I applied to the «VIP-MODEL AGENCY» to choose a girl for the event. The managers of the agency chose a girl very quickly. During the event I got to know her better, we easily found common topics for conversation. I am satisfied and strongly recommend this escort agency.


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I appeal to «VIP-MODEL AGENCY» for choosing an escort model not for the first time. I needed several models for the crowd at the event for one big client. The agency quickly picked up a couple of models. I strongly recommend.


Frequently, a joint presence of a beautiful girl is required for meetings with colleagues at work. Because I do not have time for a relationship, so I must use escort services. Constantly I apply only to this agency, because they have the best and fastest service.


Now I constantly travel on business trips to Europe for meetings with clients and signing contracts. Meetings are easier if there is a beautiful girl next to me who knows what to do in the interests of the company. So, the agency often provides me with beautiful girls!


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